200 Posts: We’ve Made It Together!

There is something about milestones that fill us with glee. Be it on the road or in life, it serves as a gentle reminder that we are on the right path and will reach where we set out for. It is also a good time to celebrate, and I believe with all my heart the celebration is the purest form of human emotions. When you are in mode celebration, you are genuinely happy for someone’s achievement, and manage to let your hair down and have fun. You won’t visit anyone’s party if the cause/consequence doesn’t appeal to you. Jealously and betrayal are feelings that eventually follow, but for that time alone, we are not savage beasts but human beings who can behave rationally. Human nature has so many faces, and I hope, you will celebrate yet another blogging milestone with me just like you did the first time around, with just as many colors as before. As I share another memory from my childhood, and wish love to all and may peace be with you! 🙂

Let me also mention all the bloggers whose work I admire and follow often (in alphabetical order):

10uta02 (10uta02.wordpress.com)
2e0mca (2e0mca.wordpress.com)
4otomo (4otomo.wordpress.com)
aame (tokyotravels.wordpress.com)
ceceliafutch (ceceliafutch.wordpress.com)
conspiracyofravens (conspiracyofravens.wordpress.com)
Dave “Noobcake” Farmer (davefarmersblog.wordpress.com)
dorisrudddesigns (dorisrudddesigns.wordpress.com)
frizztext (flickrcomments.wordpress.com)
Heartcomplex’s Blog (heartcomplex.wordpress.com)
hugmamma (hugmamma.wordpress.com)
indybrown (firefliesandwiggleworms.wordpress.com)
intheenicoftime (intheenicoftime.wordpress.com)
Isabelle (myenglishthought.wordpress.com)
itacasillas (estrelladeluz.wordpress.com)
Jesse Jaca (jessejacaphotography.wordpress.com)
klassikurlz (klassikurlz.wordpress.com)
Life’s Little Slices (alookintomymind.wordpress.com)
Margaret (www.cachandochile.com)
Mayfielder (romceg.wordpress.com)
mellifluousmurmurs (mellifluousmurmurs.wordpress.com)
Mizz (mizzrainbow.wordpress.com)
myblogject (myblogject.wordpress.com)
nrhatch (nrhatch.wordpress.com)
nuvofelt (chittlechattle.wordpress.com)
Patti Kuche (nylondaze.wordpress.com)
Pseu (pseu1.wordpress.com)
Queen of Zoom (backseatview.wordpress.com)
ramoncito17 (holdeeeeat.wordpress.com)
Rebecca (thisismylifeuncensored.wordpress.com)
Redneckprincess (redneckprincess.wordpress.com)
Robin (roobo69.wordpress.com)
rthde/Kevin Freeman (rthde.wordpress.com)
Sacha Calagopi (notesfromanexile.wordpress.com)
Sheetal (thoughtsunrestricted.wordpress.com)
Sophie L. Meunier (sophiesworlds.wordpress.com)
suitablefish (tostir.wordpress.com)
summerfield84 (summerfield84.wordpress.com)
supersnails (fotografiadellamadre.wordpress.com)
the happy life (thehappyhappylife.wordpress.com)
the island traveler (consumerjournaldotnet.wordpress.com)
thirdhandart (thirdhandart.wordpress.com)
Touch2Touch (touch2touch.wordpress.com)
truthwithdoris (truthwithdoris.wordpress.com)
yi-ching lin (yichinglin.com)
Yor Ryeter (ittakes10k.wordpress.com)

I will surely add more names to the list as and when I remember. Thank you all for your encouragement and inspirations!

13 Comments Add yours

  1. Sheetal says:

    hey its so flattering to know u mentioned my name 🙂
    thats very sweet of u.. 🙂
    and i just love this picture…its such a clean photo..


    1. Kamakshi says:

      Its nice to be encouraged and inspired by fellow bloggers…i realized it’s never too late to acknowledge and appreciate all the efforts you guys put in, or else how would you know that you are an inspiration to me?? It was a special post and what better way than to thank all those special online friends and guides! Thanks for taking the time to stop by and posting you comments..truly appreciate it 🙂


  2. Sheetal says:

    Totally my pleasure! And hearty congratulations on your 200th post!


    1. Kamakshi says:

      Thanks Sheetal!


    2. Kamakshi says:

      I like this one better than the one I took and put up before purely because of the angle!


  3. frizztext says:

    thanks for adding me!


    1. Kamakshi says:

      How could i ever forget you!! Thank you for everything Frizz!!


  4. Touch2Touch says:

    Well-earned congratulations, Kamakshi!
    Two hundred photographs, two hundred posts, quite an accomplishment.
    I wonder if your fabulous colors inspire you as much as they inspire me! You are my window on India —
    (And why not, I believe you are named after a goddess????)

    Onward! And happy to follow along, Judith

    (Thanks for mentioning Touch2Touch, very kind of you!)


    1. Kamakshi says:

      I am so touch by your kindness Judith… I am named after my grandmother, as it is a practice in my sub-culture where the first-born female child is given the name of the maternal grandmother, (the first-born male child is given the name of the paternal grandfather) Contrary to popular belief, Kamakshi has nothing to do with seduction. She is in fact a reincarnation of Godess Parvati, and has the power of both knowledge and wealth..

      I am a sucker for Indian history, the deeper i dwell, the more fascinating it gets…sadly there are not many around who share the passion in flesh and blood, so i turn to my online world. I’m just glad you enjoy it as much as i do 🙂 happy blogging and thanks for everything!!


  5. Very colorful bottles.

    Thank you for adding me.


    1. Kamakshi says:

      Thanks Arnold..haven’t seen you around for a while now…how have you been??


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