More Crow Art

More from the installation on crows that I spoke about yesterday. Hope you enjoy this one too!

Crow Art

While I have seen this scene with real crows too, this installation at the Kala Ghoda Art Festival was amazingly well recreated! It surely made me and my camera glad. What do you think? Did you realise this was fake too?

Soaring Aimlessly

Do you ever think that you are aimlessly sleepwalking through life? Sometimes a soaring flight may not always have a direction, but it can be elegant and effortless, nonetheless.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Launch

Crows are a very standard feature in the city, and I find these winged-ravens very intriguing. Here the one in the foreground readies for take off! Let’s just hope that our hopes and dreams that take off too will have a safe and desirable landing!

Soaring High!

On a personal and professional note, they year has had its highs and lows. However one thing I know is that I am glad that the year is coming to an end. As the Lord descends back to earth, I pray that he lets me soar high and achieve all that my heart desires and…

the Grace and Glory of a Swan

Thanks to fairy tales, most of us tend to like swans as compared to ducks. But its only when you see them together that you realize that the bias isn’t unjustified, swans do looks prettier than ducks. May be it is they pristine color, or gaiety movement, they do make for a pretty picture!

Is It Too Cold?

What I love best about animal shots is when they get camera-shy. They also give you the most precious and candid moments. I know, I know you have seen this little ducky before on my blog, but I could resist putting this picture up. I captured this shot just seconds before he jumped into the…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

I love Mynahs, they are few birds that flock in pairs. I was strolling down my mothers building, when I spotted a lone birdy sitting all by itself on the parapet outside…

Weekly Photo Challenge: One 2

On A Day Like Today (Bryan Adams) Free is all you gotta be Dream dreams no one else can see Sometimes you wanna run away But you never know what might be comin’ round your way Yeah yeah yeah ‘Coz on a day like today, the whole world could change The sun’s gonna shine, shine…


Although Karla doesn’t really have too much to see baring the Karla Caves, the MTDC situated there features a lake. Sadly Lonavala is a monsoon destination and boat rides on the lake are closed.┬áBut you can play with these pretty ducks that grace the lake even during a down pour!