Monsoon Magic!

OK, as you’d have already noticed, I haven’t been writing a lot here lately. But that doesn’t mean I’ve been lying low. The shutter bug in me has been very much active, and here is a small collection of the monsoons that I clicked over the last two years. It includes foods, monuments, and everyday…

Trust Comes Easy

This cute little creature was sunbathing at the beach, and yes he was alone (not uncommon in India). We became friends in a matter of seconds really. He wasn’t too comfortable posing, but yes I did manage a few good shots. And I am quite happy with the results. Who says trust doesn’t come easy?


Team sports teach us a lot about how to live a principled and disciplined life. While you need focus and determination, you also learn to coexist, cooperate and keep aside difference to work and win as a team. It’s that what socializing and civility all about after all?

Ring It In

This used to be an attraction on all beaches when we were growing up, but the practice of this game seems to be lost. So I was pleasantly surprised to find the ring game back on track. The rules are simple; for Rs 20 you get 10 rings to win things. aim at the object…

Soaring High!

On a personal and professional note, they year has had its highs and lows. However one thing I know is that I am glad that the year is coming to an end. As the Lord descends back to earth, I pray that he lets me soar high and achieve all that my heart desires and…

Steaming Hot Ulundu Vadas!

As a true-blue south Indian, we live, breath and stuff certain kinds of food. Cut us and we’d bleed sambhar and filter coffee! So a sight of piping hot medu vadas, and I couldn’t keep my camera away. I don’t know if you think it drool worth, but it tasted just as heavenly as it…

Bottled Goodness

Boxing day usually is just as colorful as the day before. We don’t really have that concept here, because as Hindus, our Christmas really is during Diwali. However most of us tend to enjoy every festival with a lot of gusto as we come from a free-minded liberal thought process. And these celebrations are not compulsive,…

Goodness on a Plate

Not all the food you get on the beach is unhealthy. On our last stroll along the backwaters, we saw several stalls of cut fruit plates. So if you are avoiding the beach so that you don’t snack unhealthy, then you can go back there again without fear!

More Memories to Savour

As the seasons change, memories fleet past as flashes. On let another stroll on the beach, another stall full off goodies was waiting to greet us. The stall has boiled chestnuts (I prefer them raw),  star fruits, ber, tamarind, raw mangoes and heaps of fresh Aniseed. How I miss my blissfully ignorant school days!

Is Hardwork Fun?

Donkeys seem to be a favorite anomaly around the world. Every country around the world seems to be favoring or hating the poor soul. Here are a few nuggets that turned up on searches. I’d love to hear what they mean, or any additions to the list from you! Don’t work too hard though 😛…