Through It All

~Smile Music by Charles Chaplin, Lyrics by John Turner and Geoffrey Parsons Smile, though your heart is aching Smile, even though it’s breaking When there are clouds in the sky you’ll get by If you smile through your fear and sorrow Smile and maybe tomorrow You’ll see the sun come shining through for you Light…

Adventure Inc

As I put in the mountain post a few days ago, I was reminded on the time I turned 30. Newly alone, it was my first solo trip and a self- discovery of sorts. As the weekly photo challenge topic popped into my mail box, left me thinking; who is my beloved? The perception of…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadow

Reflections in the day, become shadows in the night. It’s all a play of the light. Reflections lead us to search for answers, and shadows force us to let go of a possibly haunting past. I am a lover of light, and so shadows are not something I yearn for. How about you?

Transmogrify. Transform. Morph. Change

This isn’t really a morphed or changed picture. This is just a new perspective to an oft visited tourist spot. While many of us never think about death or plan for it, its always the royal that fuss over respect of their mortal remains. This pictures are from a mosque that oversees the Qutb Shahi…

Weekly Photo Challenge: H2O

I miss flowing water. The sound of a gushing waterfall or crashing waves, the mildly blowing salty or fresh winds is what I miss the most about home. But somewhere, in some happy garden, there are such makeshift waterfalls in Pune. How I wish I could hear the sound of water, but not falling rain……

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward

Chocolate is the first luxury. It has so many things wrapped up in it: Deliciousness in the moment, childhood memories, and that grin-inducing feeling of getting a reward for being good. ~Mariska Hargitay

Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

An old memory, Tinkle surely would’ve been a fond reminder of a happy childhood for many Indian kids my age. And to this day, I love the comic! In fact such was the fanaticism of this publication in my household that my dad diligently collected and preserved hordes of the magazine to bind them into two sets of collectibles….

Chess Mate

I enjoy some fun mind games, be it a game of chess. I may not be the best player around, (so if you want an easy win, you know whom to call), I am still fascinated by the games and its pieces. On a stroll at Bandra’s Carter Road, you can see tables close to…

Silent Sundays: Desserts

Time for another Silent Sunday! Every week, I’ll put up a picture that would ask you, my dear visitor, to give me a perspective instead. Feel free to drop in a line about the picture. Wish you a great new week ahead!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

OK, I decided that I will not cheat on this anymore. Shucks, I have nothing that has been shot today, but this was one favourite days, my mum’s birthday a month back. Its been three months since I put something up, and what better way than doing it with a weekly challenge! Quite honestly, these…