Is Hardwork Fun?

Donkeys seem to be a favorite anomaly around the world. Every country around the world seems to be favoring or hating the poor soul. Here are a few nuggets that turned up on searches. I’d love to hear what they mean, or any additions to the list from you! Don’t work too hard though 😛

Afghan Proverb
It’s the same donkey, but with a new saddle.

Arab Proverb
Fear can make a donkey attack a lion.

Chinese Proverb
Donkey’s lips do not fit onto a horse’s mouth.
Butcher the donkey after it finished his job on the mill.

Dutch Proverb
A donkey usually does not hit his foot twice to the same stone.

English Proverb
Better ride on ass that carries me, than on a horse that throws me.

Ethiopian Proverb
Honey is not sweet for a donkey

German proverb
The ass of a King is still but an ass.
An ass in Germany is a professor in Rome. ( Traditional German Saying )

Hiatian Proverb
The donkey sweats so the horse can be decorated with lace.

Indian Proverb
To carry his load without resting, not to be bothered by heat or cold and always be content: these three things we can learn from a donkey.

Irish Proverb
The world would not make a racehorse of a donkey.

Kenyan Proverb
A donkey always says thank you with a kick.

Latin Proverb
Hay is more acceptable to an ass than gold.

Mexican Proverb
It is not enough for a man to learn how to ride; he must learn how to fall.

Portuguese Proverb
I would rather have a donkey that takes me there than a horse that will not fare.

Romanian Proverb
An ass is but an ass, though laden with gold.

Spanish Proverb
If three people say you are an ass, put on a bridle.

Turkish Proverb
A worthy man is still worthy even penniless, a donkey is a donkey even if he is finely saddled.
Do not dock the donkey’s tail in a crowd, some will say it’s too long, others it’s too short.

Zimbabwean Proverb
Whoever plows with a team of donkeys must have patience.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Touch2Touch says:

    Don’t be a jackass! means don’t be stubborn to the point of stupidity — like donkeys sometimes are.
    United States


    1. Kamakshi says:

      I’ve heard that one before Judith, only the jackass becomes jenny-ass when its directed to me 😛
      thanks for sharing 🙂


  2. Farai Mususa says:

    Wonderful quotes


    1. Kamakshi says:

      Thank you Farai!


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