Bottled Goodness

Boxing day usually is just as colorful as the day before. We don’t really have that concept here, because as Hindus, our Christmas really is during Diwali. However most of us tend to enjoy every festival with a lot of gusto as we come from a free-minded liberal thought process. And these celebrations are not compulsive, they just seem to be the most normal way to life in these necks of the wood. So here’s hoping that everyone indeed had a Merry Christmas and may the days ahead be as pure as water and as colorful as my slideshow!

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  1. A.M says:

    wow…..amazingly shot dear… already yearning for a gola now!! 😛


    1. Kamakshi says:

      Toh aajao, saath hi chalte hai Juhu, milne ka milna bhi ho jayega aur gola bhi kha lenge!! 🙂


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