Celebrations of Life

Like I’ve mentioned many times before, India is incredibly festive as a country; we look for reasons to cook, dress up and celebrate with everyone around. Many of these recipes are an indication of the region you belong to and the season the celebration is in. Since I have lived in Bombay since I was born, I am very used to living with people of diverse cultures and palates. Although this post is almost 15-days too late, the sentiment is right there. In the platter is chakli, three-types of mixture, two types of ladoos and jhangri, with some fired puris. The second plate is a very affectionate marathi platter of chalkis, chiwda, besan ladoo, karanji and shankarpali from my very lovely neighbor. These two platters together bring the best of Gujurat, Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu! What was your diwali like?

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