Celebrating Life

Festivals in India is fun, festive and brimming with food. As you’d probably know, if you’ve been around a while, I get to celebrate 3-4 harvest festivals because of my lineage. I’m a Tamilian, who’s parents belong to either sides of the state’s border, and I was born and raised in Mumbai, which celebrates the culture of Maharashtra and Gujarat, (and every other state in India, honestly,) with equal gusto. This year, for Onam, we had a modest spread, thanks to the slowly unlocking economy. Goddess Annapurna is blessing us with Olan, Avial, Payasum, pulli ingi, Sambhar and rice. the delayed post is thanks to a late delivery of the fried munchies (I’m disappointed with the delay myself). What completes the platter is nendrangai varuval (banana chips), chekkai veruval (jack fruit chips), Manogaram, Thenkuzhal, sarkarai upperi, and appalam. How was your Onam spread this year?

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