Fancy A Break?

A more traditional Indian breakfast, depending on the region you come from, is light yet filling. You’d barely find many people consuming cornflakes back in the days, but now our on-the-fast-lane life is making corn our first meal. (Pretty much like beefing up cattle to be slaughtered. Ironic, isn’t it?) To get kids eating some of these “healthy meals”, you’ll find chocolate and fruit flavored cereal, dunked in sugar! OK, I’m not holier than thou. Back in the days, a bowl of museli with honey and cold milk was my go to meal. And I don’t mean just breakfast!

Meanwhile, as resources get tighter, my little Alex has joined Gloria and Marty for breakie, while Melman is clicking pictures. Once in the wild, he may go back to his wild, wild ways. How has lock down been treating you though?

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