Solitary Solitaire

Solitaire is any card game played alone, where you use up all the cards by forming specific sequences. My oldest memory anyone playing this of this kind solitaire in flesh and blood was my mom’s neighbor. She’d sit on the floor with a set of cards and patiently lay them down and play, only to shuffle them thoroughly and start over. Apart from her, it was usually the clerk at the bank, who would make us wait till the game was done on her Windows 98 system, all to appear looking very busy at work. But I could see her screen in the clear glass that covered the top of her cubicle, but as a kid, you’d be shushed when you point something like that out. Now, with self-imposed quarantine still hanging strong, it’s unavoidable to have conversations with people in the house. So the lone-players are not so lone after all; expert opinions flow like a flooding river!

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