One For the Home

Ever since I’ve been confines of my home, I’ve realized that my consumption of fluids has reduced drastically. Leave alone the occasional beer that I’d have over weekends, which is now completely dry in my locality, I seem to have completely forgotten to consume water even, and no, I don’t rest my hind all day in an AC environment either. So the 36°C, feels more like 42°C instead, yet I seem to have completely missed to have a glass of water for hours at stretch. I do start my day and dusk with (its never dawn, always day when I am fully awake and functional enough to hold a cup of coffee) a cup of strong coffee. No Dalgona or fancy fads for me, I take pride in being too lazy to follow trends. Then there is the odd glass of Tang, because I had to pick between the biggest packet or return empty-handed. I chose the all over the nothing, and now I will finish it without sharing anything with the ants. My mum, however, is paranoid about the milk running out. So as much as my mind screams, I stick to the two cups of coffee. Then there was the few indulging times I picked up some fizz because it seemed to be available and I had this insane feeling that it would be a long time until I get hold of one again. What does your quarantine drink look like?

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  1. Ritu Sharma says:

    Loved reading this one, so we’ll penned and a soothing one, a topic which is hatke,
    Well for me it’s tea, tea and tea always even during quarantine and I keep ordering online packs of my favorit tea so that I don’t run out of stock

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    1. Kamakshi says:

      I agree Ritu. the fear is real!


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