Divided by Society, Tied by the Heart

In the six years that I spent away from my hometown, I lived, learnt and traveled quite a lot. For some inexplicable reason, I am drawn to zoos in almost every place I visited. The pictures here are from the Bannerghatta Zoo, Butterfly park and Safari, which is the last place I went to, before moving back home.

Obviously, these two enclosures are not close to each other and the lovely hippo is calling out to his (or her) friends in the adjoining enclosure and not to Melman (sorry, I couldn’t help myself ), as it seems here. But that is precisely what I want to address. Not everything you read or hear is the complete truth. None of us have the time or inclination to sift fact from fiction. So while you continue to keep a tab on the world around you, take it with a pinch of salt. You need to train yourself to identify how much to consume and how much to ignore. And beyond anything else, you need to know what is right and appropriate for you. Be smart. stay safe, and stay home!

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