Vishu, and Tamil Puthandu are the start of the Solar calendar in the two states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. As my father is originally for the border of both states, we observe both festiviteis at our home. For Vishu, the celebration involves setting up a Vishukanni. In Malayalam, kani translates to “that which is seen first”, so is typically the first thing you see on the Vishu morning. We welcome spring with an array seasonal produce, which comprises fruits, vegetables and grains, gold, coconuts, sweets, a lamp and a mirror. Typically, it is the celebration of Lord Vishu, but we have Annapurna devi in the thick of the action. She is the goddess of food and nourishment. The day usually had a lip-smacking spread with something sweet, savory, salty, bitter, spicy and tangy. It depicts the ups and downs of life in general. Since we are in the middle of a very gloomy situation, I decided to make a rather elaborate set up with my minis. I have everything that I need, and I believe it is the best time to be thankful and grateful for the abundance of all things peaceful in my life.

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