Over the Rainbow

So after the country-wide lock down was announced, in the second wave, the PM invited people to switch off all lights, and light a candle, lamp or any torch for 9 minutes to show solidarity with those who are on the front line of curtailing the deadly disease. Since it did not involve creating a ruckus (I hoped against hope), we partook in the festivities. But given that the generations (X, Y, Z) that we live with have the attention span of a pigeon and the E/IQ of a goldfish (an insult to both species, I know) , it turned into a celebration too bizarre. Firstly the authorities had to clarify, switch off only lights and not other appliances; lest we have a lock down and a blackout. With the government machinery already stretched to it maximum, it needed to be spelled out. Next, after reminding everyone that neither has India won any world cups, or gold medals at the Olympics, not is it Diwali or new year, people still had a good stock of fireworks to empty. Alas, where we almost succeed to follow rules, we undo with sheer lack of common sense or empathy. Hopefully, by the time we are back to our normal lives, at least we will have one disease less to tackle. The other (you know which one) is so embedded in our DNA that we need another evolution to overcome.

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