Sculpted Love

Bangalore is known as the city of lakes and gardens. A pensioner’s paradise that has slowly and reluctantly transformed to an IT hub. Despite the high-speed nature of technology, the city that hosts it continues to be laid back and slow in it’s pace of life. The South of Bangalore continues to hold on to it’s charm, with lakes and gardens galore. One such garden is the Ranadheera Kantheerava Park. Built in honor of Kanthirava Narasaraja I of the Wodeyar dynasty, Mysore, the 12th King was know for his panache in wrestling. I have been trying to visit the place for close to three years now, and finally I managed to make it!

The park has workout zones for men and senior citizens, and a host of statues peppered around the park. Right from the apple, watermelon and daisy seats, you get to rest on the Hands that Built Karnataka. But the most interesting sculpture is that of a giant infant, which is also visible from the street. I usually see this monster on my way back from the airport in the wee hours of morning, when I travel back to Bangalore. It manages to spook me out every time but it is quite nicely made. Could’ve been a bit smaller though.

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