Minon Moments of Life!

Life happens to us at a blistering pace! My brother once explained this theory to me (I don’t know if he remembers this though) that made most sense to me than most things I’ve ever heard. He said, time flows at a standard pace: the bad times seems longer because we wait for it to end; good time seem to go faster because we don’t pay attention. He said that to me ,when I was sitting and shivering at a very the abyss of a very deep and dark tunnel that i never thought I would escape. But that one statement got me thinking: if I enjoy small pleasures of life, I can extend the time I feel happy! Things didn’t change overnight, but slowly but surely, now I am in a space where bad things continue to happen, but I am better equipped to handle life head on.

This one party with Min(ll)ions of happy moments. The grumpy uncle, the destructive kids, the mischievous friend, the angry aunt, the gluttonous neighbor, the BFF, the musicians, the dancers. the alert policemen (read non-drinkers), and the fight club and the over enthu-cutlets, parties of any kind are never fully fun without these stories. I thrive on stories at work and in life, my eyes and ears are always open of anecdotes. What is your favorite story? Did you ever experience the high of a banana-shake, minion-style? I’d love to hear your stories in the comments below!

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