Falling To Rise

We live in strange times, reality and fantasy is a blur. Sometimes, I feel we live in a Jumanji-esque universe-when the game is over, the world will become normal again. Forget politics or the mess made by the rich and powerful people in the world, the life I lead also seems to be crumbling around me.

We are building again
No matter how long it takes us to
Restore the balance
We are swimming against
This dying current till we heal

Corruption is rewarded

And honesty’s a sacrifice

But slowly the tide is turning

“End Vs Beginning”, RISE TO FALL

I’m not being ungrateful- 2019 has been wonderful in terms of my career and personal growth. But no rose is without thorns, and this particular phase of life seems to stuck in thorns rather than the leaves or the petals. Life has a weird way of keeping you grounded; a flag without a pole will eventually get blow with the wind!

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