True Love

I have never understood how a foodie is described socially. I love trying out different things, but sadly I have a small stomach. So I can eat a lot of different things, but not a lot in quantity. My gastronomic journey in Bangalore has been disappointing to say the least. One of my favorite things to eat from here though is Churmuri. It’s a local variant of the delicious sukhi bhel from Bombay, Made from roasted puffed rice, churmuri is a mixture of raw onions, tomatoes, grated carrots (I avoid grated cucumber, I just can’t stand the taste of it in my chaat), green chilies, chiwda, fried corn flakes peanuts and dal, along with spices. The mixture is thoroughly coated with vegetable oil and is quite delicious. I’ve tried variants of the snack in most parts of Karnataka wherever I could, and I salivating even as I type! Chaat is my go-to comfort food always! Which one is yours?

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