Niagara Falls, India!

I have been visiting several spots around Bangalore with my mother. This place I discovered, thanks to a friend. Then I looked up more information about this weekend spot that I wanted to visit. Although we are at the peak of summer, the Kaveri river, which lends its water to the falls, is gently flowing….

Walking Around Water

At 109 meters (or 358 feet), the Ramboda Falls is considered to be the 11th highest waterfall in Sri Lanka. Located in the Pussellawa area, the falls are formed by Panna Oya, a tributary of Kothmale Oya. Since I visited in the end of February, I couldn’t witness the falls in all of its glory….

Weekly Photo Challenge: H2O

I miss flowing water. The sound of a gushing waterfall or crashing waves, the mildly blowing salty or fresh winds is what I miss the most about home. But somewhere, in some happy garden, there are such makeshift waterfalls in Pune. How I wish I could hear the sound of water, but not falling rain……