Buttermilk, Anyone?

This is the Jhari Waterfalls in Chikmagalur, also know as the Buttermilk Waterfalls. The name comes from the speed of the fall that resembles churned buttermilk. Reaching the place from the main motor-able road is a journey in itself. You sit in a rickety, yet fancy jeep and need to endure a very bumpy ride. But the falls are spectacular and surprisingly clean! Then again you will find some enlightened ones who decide to shampoo and condition their hair and soap off their bodies, because reasons! Right at the entrance sits a quaint coffee shop with the sweetest old man who makes decent tea. He lives in the city, but walks up to the falls every single day, sometimes with supplies. City dwellers like me would probably never understand why they are so fit and motivated to endure such treacherous journey every day. Maybe the butter on the bread is more delicious there than here!

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