Road to Nowhere

A lot many years ago, when I used to teach for a living, I would often give pep talks to my students. I’d often tell them to take the sessions I taught them to be the easiest in the world. I continue to live by this logic, the easiest things are what you believe you can do. You will not attempt anything believing it is un-doable. That steered into a deeper conversation with a student of mine. He wasn’t much younger then me at the time, and I could tell he was very confused and pained. He wanted to understand how people could take their own lives. I still don’t get into the hows and whys of things, if they want me to know something, they’d tell me. I remember telling him, sometimes, for some people its difficult to live. When it becomes easy to die, it is doable, we need to believe the easiest thing to do is live. About 15 years later, I now realize the depth of what I meant, I am pretty sure I wasn’t completely aware of the weight of my own words back then either.

Well we know where we’re going
But we don’t know where we’ve been
And we know what we’re knowing
But we can’t say what we’ve seen
And we’re not little children
And we know what we want
And the future is certain
Give us time to work it out

We’re on a road to nowhere
Come on inside
Taking that ride to nowhere
We’ll take that ride
I’m feeling okay this morning
And you know
We’re on the road to paradise
Here we go, here we go

Road to Nowhere, Talking Heads

There is a reason and a point for everything we do. We’re born and we eventually die. Instead of trying to decode what lies beyond (‘nowhere’) wouldn’t it be easier to just enjoy the ride along the way? Life is about the journey, and the journey may not be the easiest. All we can do is wait for the breeze to hit your hair!

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