Holi Hai!

I must admit, Holi isn’t my favorite festivals in the world. It’s messy and uncomfortable, to say the least. But for some strange reason, I miss being home this year for the slush fest. I miss being with crazy buddies, especially when it’s time to celebrate. Where I now live, celebrations are a very private affair, and I am not a part of the inner circle. People are often too unsure to invite friends who are not of the same linguistic or geographic region. But back home, there is hardly anyone I know who is not family! Holi, though not a part of the festival calendar of my south Indian side, is very much a part of my growing up years. With the current water crisis, it is used sparsely, similarly, the colors smeared are also organic. But the festival is full of colors, sweets, food, booze (Bhaang or Thandai, which ever you prefer), water, music and friends. I cannot think of any better way to ring in Spring in the country!

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