Cheap Thrills

Happy Holi everyone! The one thing I noticed is the colorful currencies across the world. After the demonetization, we have currencies of denominations that didn’t exist before. Along with that came new currency in colors such as chocolate, orange and purple. Another striking feature is that apart from the father of the Nation (Mahatama Gandhi), our new currency also celebrates important monuments of the country.

The currency in the picture here though is the Sri Lankan Rupee (LKR). One of the primary reasons to pick Sri Lanka as a holiday spot, apart from the pristine beaches and water sports, and the tempting sea food of offer, was the lower currency currency conversion rates. While converting Indian Rupees to Lankan Rupees did make me feel richer, it is, by no means, a cheap country. As you would’ve realized, this is what I was left with when the trip was almost over. I still had about a grand left in my pocket, but the buying rate to convert the money back to INR is abysmal. So keep in mind, if you buy LRK, make sure to spend it all, lest you be left with pennies in return.

Then the currency in Dubai (Dirhams) is all green. So you need to keep your eyes open, when you’re spending. I guess that’s also why you wouldn’t mind going sober there. My favorite currency that I have handled though is the Singaporean Dollar. Not only is it colorful, but it is plastic, so you don’t need to handle it with too much care. But respect it deserves; it is an expensive currency and an expensive country too. Why am I talking about money with so much passion? Well, who doesn’t like money? Secondly, Holi, the official arrival of spring in India is all about color, happiness, and being carefree. What else can give you all three more than money?

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