Lush Greens

Being a south Indian, rice is quite extensively consumed in my household. But being a city dweller, I hadn’t even seen rice fields all ready to be harvested. I have seen farmers plant saplings, but never a field that full. A particular patch in Dambulla is full of rice fields, which is well protected by confused dogs. Now, dogs, as all dog lovers would know, are very territorial in nature. They are also very possessive of their humans. So there were a lot of confused fur babies torn between protecting the dignity of their beloved human, and the rice that danced in the yellow silky breeze (wow, that was almost poetic!). You may get to meet the furry friends I left behind, if I manage to keep my train of thought running. They did manage to scare me and my friends off a little, but they were also kind enough to let me take some shots while I was there. Dear lord, I’m hungry now!!

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