Tē Vēlāva

The title means “tea time” in Sinhalese. The drive to Nuwera Eliya cuts through pristine tea estates, and hence there are several tea factories on the route. If you love your teas, it is paradise! they make teas of different kinds and strengths. With the darker the brews, you can add milk. the others are consumed as black teas. The first cup is white tea, found only in China and parts of Sri Lanka (what were the odds of that happening!). It has no taste (it’s like drinking warm water) but is known as the healthiest tea. The next two are golden and green teas, made using fresh buds. The rest are dried teas and vary in quality: the lightest brew is the least in quality and the darkest is pure tea. And then there are flavored teas, which they most obviously sell and don’t brew as tasters, but you can smell them, nonetheless. The most interesting of the lot for me (which I didn’t buy, obviously) was a tea called midnight tea. The gentleman said it’s a good tea to have before you sleep, as it is good to cure insomnia. But it smelt like bubblegum! If you’ve tried this cure, let me know how it went for you.

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