Tell Me What You Desire!


Last year, I had the luck to enjoy Ganesh Charthuthi at Pune. Around the famed Dagadu Shet pandal you’d find several other interesting Ganesh idols, and this fixture was a part of one of them. (May be my fellow blogger ThoughtsUnrestricted can remind me which one).

One fascinating part of this particular pandal is the silver mouse (Ganesha’s vahan (royal ride) and trusted aid). Legend goes that any requests or wishes routed through him cannot go unheard. So you’d find people queuing up to tell him their desires. But as a popular Hindi proverb goes “iss kaan se suno, uss kaan se bahar nikalo” meaning not to keep anything in mind, let whatever you hear pass through the ears, people diligently cover the mouse’s ear as they speak. Some impatient souls even speak into each of his ears simultaneously! (Poor thing, I say!) But its fascinating to see this side of human nature. If you are curious to know, I didn’t ask for anything: He knows what I need, and how much I can handle. 🙂

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