To Dad, With Love…

I don’t know if you would’ve made any of the wrongs, right. But instead of guessing, I’d have liked to have found out in person… I miss you dad, and I will always love you… RIP!


The brain is possibly one of the most wonderful creations of the world that most people don’t give enough exercise to. If you want it to stay sharp, a few games that help your cognitive abilities is surely worth indulging into.

Fairy Tale Romance

Like folklores that most of us grew up with, fairy tales are a more westernised way to depict the social mindset of its place of origin. While this shot was a part of a popular local Christmas crib, what inspired me to share this picture today was an insightful Freshly Pressed Post, which you can…

Ring The Temple Bells

Every Hindu temple entrances greets you with a bell. Growing up, mom used to explain that the bell is a way to “wake up” the God sitting inside, so that he takes notice of our presence and can hear us out. For us though, it was a fun way to cause a riot!

Ready For The Kill

I prefer dogs over cats, but the felines I meet seem to be more camera friendly than my favourite canines. This one was getting rather defensive as he was ready to jump into our side of the building from the neighbouring building wall. Related articles Dog vs. Cat: Are They Really Rivals? (  

Thanjavur Thalayatti Bommai

I made a passing mention of the Thanjavur Thalayatti Bommai on a post I put up a few day ago. Instead of leaving it to your imagination, why not show you what she looks like? Well, this is the one my mom owns. She’s been around for over 25 years (or longer, I just remember…

Colourful Rajasthan

Rajasthan as a state has the most colourful cities in all of India. Jaipur is known as the pink city, Udaipur is the white city, Jodhpur is blue, and Jaisalmer is golden hued. Houses in the old days used to have uniform hues, which is what earned these cities colour-coded names. Can you guess which…

Bobbling Around

Bobblehead dolls have been a part of our household now since I can remember. Fondly called “Thanjavur Thalayatti Bommai” (meaning “Tanjore Head-Shaking Doll” in Tamil), we’ve had ones who dance and ones who just bobble their heads. But when I found some at Jodhpur, it took me by surprise. We found these made using paper-mache (the…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

An old memory, Tinkle surely would’ve been a fond reminder of a happy childhood for many Indian kids my age. And to this day, I love the comic! In fact such was the fanaticism of this publication in my household that my dad diligently collected and preserved hordes of the magazine to bind them into two sets of collectibles….

Music Mania

You cannot go to Rajasthan and come back unmoved after getting a taste of the local Folk art. Jodhpur is considered as an integral part of Indian Folk Music, and the place lived up to its reputation. While we’ve been quite exposed to such art through films and television, seeing the musicians live, and more importantly enjoying and appreciation their own art is…