Chittor ki Rani Pandmini ka Jauhar

Time for a lesson in Indian history. The rich Indian culture is well rooted in the religious scriptures, legends and folklore. And one such tale is that of Queen Padmini of Chittor. Said to be beautiful beyond belief, there were many who wanted her to rule their hearts along with their kingdom. One such King was Allauddin Khilji, Sultan of Delhi. In 1303, he made a request to see the stunning Queen, but was granted the wish by just a look at her reflection through a mirror. With lust in his heart, he tricked her king, Rana Rattan Singh and held him hostage in Delhi. With her wit, she won her king back. And hence a jilted Allauddin Khilji waged war on the fort. When the news that the king has perished reached the queen, she, dressed a newly-wed bride along with all her maidens jumped in a well of fire, this act is known as jauhar (the well stands in wreckage off the center of the picture). Just in the spot where she died is the final resting place of the king. At the far left is the ruins of a mosque that once stood, a reminder of the carnage that the fort witnessed through the hands of a crest fallen Allauddin Khilji, who vented out his anger on the stunning fort, which still stands strong and serves as a reminder of loyalty, chastity and courage of women.

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