GLOBAL WARMING: Melting ICE is the HOT topic

Global warming is a new age word which makes for heated political debates and various organisations squander to come forth to take pledges to eradicate this dreadful environmental problem. The entire drama, more like a circus, has very little trickle down effect amidst both the classes and the masses. Those who understand it dismiss it as if some social-activists are trying to garner self-acclaim and recognition. It is those individuals from the educated section of society, who seem to suffer from the passing-the-buck syndrome. ‘Some one else who required it will take care of it’ seems to be the new mantra with the socially vibrant genre of people. And that forms just the upper half of the social pyramid, with the peak comprising of body corporate.

This brings me to another new age words that seems to be making rounds: CSR-Corporate Social Responsibility, albeit most companies forget that the responsibility that they need to take up does not limit itself to a short term goal.

Let us understand the implications of CSR mishandling with a small statistical interpretation. In the year 1990 the Montreal Protocol was revised and all the original signatories agreed to come up with a mechanism to eliminate CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons) in totality by the year 2000. Although there was a deadline to replace aerosol sprays especially while producing hair sprays, deodorants, room fresheners and perfumes by the year 1979, the aerosols are merely diluted, and this is not too effective to save the ozone from depleting. It merely reduces the pace with which the ozone layer can diminish. In the year 1995 alone the French perfume industry saw the launch of around one hundred new brands of perfumes. Moreover The Global Cosmetic Industry reports for 2006 for the US alone shows that Fragrance industry stood out at the third position in the 2006 cosmetics and toiletries market, showing strong growth, with an increase of 7% to reach $30.7 billion USD.

Looking at the larger picture the reason for this boost in business is demand in the market for such products. Thus what is expected out of the youth today is to mere change their habits. Simple things like using a roll-on perfume instead of sprays, or get your car serviced every month to reduce emission levels would suffice a beginning. It is high time that the negatives of the society be used constructively.

Those who are a part of the lower strata of the same social cycle can never understand why do those whose seem to be educated use these words. In many ways they are like little children who emulate by action of the elders and can understand the most complicated of things if explained in a simple and lucid manner. This demonstration effect wherein the poor imitate the rich can be used constructively to emulate positive activities. Thus cultivating clean habit not only is healthy for you but the environment on the whole. You are not required to join a cult to begin safe guarding the environment. If you decide to take care of yourself, the nature can take its own well being more seriously.

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