The Point of the Point!

pencilHave you ever tried writing with a blunt pencil? Chances are that the words either appear too faded or you need to apply too much pressure while writing. Now, sharpen the tip of your pencil, and see the result. Now think about what made the difference? The pencil is the same, so is the lead inside it. The change is brought about by the sharpener: the point makes all the difference.

But having said that, it’s not the point which is all high-and-might. If your pencil is too short, and is running out of wood, no sharpener can help you get you to the point. If the lead it too brittle, you will never get to the point! Also, there is barely any use of the shavings that fall to the ground while sharpening your pencil.

The same logic holds true for any argument. You need to understand that no argument can hold water without solid logical backing, nor can you keep going for long if your defenses are weak. The more open minded you are towards a problem, the more clearly you can put forth your point. Remember, there is no use of clinging to the things and actions said and done. They are as useless as the pencil shaving, and amount to nothing but garbage that can rot relationships.

When in any debate or quarrel, don’t beat around the bush too much, get the point and get to the point! Think about it!

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