My new mode of updated communication

cell_phoneThe first time I saw a cell hone was probably in 2001, when I was in my 12th standard, when my brother pestered my mom for it when he was in his FYBE. It was a Nokia 3310, and the both of us went bonkers exploring it! Apart from the ring tones, picture messages and the funny SMS’es, his concern was which service provider to pick from? My first cell phone was into my palms when I started working. As a trainee I was getting paid peanuts, and so I had to settle for something less than the contemporary. It was a Sagem MYx1. It could hold only 45 messages, and could neither have ring tones or picture messages. But it was special; it was the most expensive thing I bought my self. It was my independence and moreover no one could figure out how to unlock the keypad, it was also in my total private haven!!

But that is a story of May 2005. A full year, and an expired cell phone warranty later; both my needs and concerns have drastically taken a u-turn! I set out on an epic journey with a trusted aid into the unexplored world of wireless communication.

It never crossed my mind to check out any models of cell phones because of the fact that I was oblivious to existence of so many models! GPRS, GSM, CDMA, TDMS, UMTS, cam Quality, Blue tooth, infra red ports, real player, media player, fm radio, java enabled games, battery life, mega pixels, zoom levels, video recording time; the humanity!!! It was indeed a maze of uncharted territory wondrous electronic gadgetry!

I remember standing in front of the glass casing and wondering, which one can I afford? While my friend exclaimed with total glee and absolute precision, the features and facets of each model in great detail!! He went on to tell me how does GSM differ from CDMA, and where the infrared port is, he also told me which one he wants to buy for himself. Men and their machines!!

So anyway, the one that I picked was a Sony Ericssion k750i. Even though the Walkman phone ‘w- series’ craze was at its peak, I could seriously not stand the orange tinge. In the end I seconded his opinion as it came to me with most features belonging to the league of a high-ended NOKIA handsets, in an affordable package. Sony Ericssion, is truly, the poor man’s Nokia!!

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