white_dove_in_flightWomen in urbane India are vigorously seeking empowerment in reality, but they are enlightened and are most certainly vying ferociously for their independence. Depending on the socio-economic situation a woman finds herself into, the empowerment and help she desires takes drastic turns.

In the lower socially strata, it is not unusual to find women battered black and blue! They are a soft target of unfulfilled whims and broken fancies of their husbands, brothers, or fathers. Talk about undue influence! The higher you climb this social ladder, you would be amazed to realise the levels of secrecy, and behind how many closed doors various forms of abuses are carried out!! From verbal abuse to battery, from molestation, sodomy to rape, and from emotional abuse to dissociation, every such incident has a very adverse effect on the self esteem and self-determination of women.

The most flawed provision by far is creating minority quotas for women. In a country which is torn by rift of groupism since independence, it is really not in the interest of the larger public that such reservations be made in urbane India. Women elude enough charisma, grit and determination to achieve what they desire. The only exception with reason of security is the ladies compartment in trains.

Although the government is trying to create an environment for nurturing the rights of women, at many instances it tends to become too generalised in nature. The laws and provision, albeit progressive, are often neglected to be implemented in the most obvious conditions. What I wish on this women’s’ day is to have laws that are so needed by the land in question.

In rural and tribal India, women need representation of their views, they are in minority and their rights have to be protected. They need to be sheltered from exploitation, physical and mental abuse as a priority. In urban India on the other hand, women don’t need representation, but they want equality, and freedom from verbal, sexual and emotional abuse more than ever before.

Women today have become all the more reformative, world over, and it is no longer her femininity that counts, but the modern ‘Lady’ has learnt to put her name above her gender.

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  1. Meena Mondal says:

    Very thought provoking article & excellently written. In fact I think parents must empower their daughter with education & an upbringing that teaches them to be independent & never suffer injustice.For this first of all they have to stop making any difference between a girl & a boy child.Female feoticide is another major issue. I would request parents who are crazy for a boy child that please don't kill baby girl before it is born.This society needs to see woman as human-being first who has right to live with dignity, learn, to work & most importantly right to equality.


  2. KSS says:

    Well written.

    I agree that women have always been at the receiving end. And I ve myself seen times seeing women being ill-treated.

    We have been discussing a lot since years about uplifting the esteem of women in society but nothing is taking good shape in its complete form.

    We come from a culture whose roots are not some 5000 years old civilization, but more deeper than that (Historians are only able to trace back some river valley civilizations but thats just the brim). During those times (yugs) women were the most respected entities that Nature has created. But with times and invasions on us the culture is diluted with wrong mixes. Subsequently a cynicism has gripped us which is exponentially deepening in us day by day.

    The only difference between the two sexes is the physical superiority that man has, and the emotional strength that a woman has. Apart from that on all other realms its all same. Nature has distinctively given this divergence between the two to establish an equilibrium in the society that will flourish.

    But this gift of Nature to man has led to evil demonstration of his physical superiority on women with times & it is all passing with generations. This has to stopped somewhere & it can be done by self – introspection. The man should think that what is he gaining by doing this. I understand that none of the men must have seen increase in their popularity, power, social positions, wealth, intelligence, money, luck, etc. by ill-treating her wife, sister, mother.

    Please think & start respecting women from now.

    – KSS


  3. frizztext says:

    written 2007, now, 2011, four years later: anything in India developed, became better?


    1. Kamakshi says:

      As a country sadly no, as individuals, very much so. there is a very interesting poem by a great Hindi poet that explains the transition among youth through the generations, will share it with you when i get the exact words. thanks for stopping by Frizz 🙂


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