Freshly Caught

For some reason in Bombay, Sunday is the best day to have seafood. While it is a fishermen’s home town, because the fast pace of the city, pin boning and cleaning becomes a painful activity. So Sundays, the day off for most working people, becomes the best day for devouring a seafood meal piping hot!

The Wonders of God’s Own Country

Kerala is a beautiful state with mesmerizing views. While I didn’t go house boating in Alleppey, the sights and sounds in Kochi definitely makes me want to explore each part of the state in great detail!

Tongue In Cheek

Kerala is wonderful in terms of tourism. If you are a sea food lover, it’s heavenly. Fort Kochi is the only nugget in this vast beautiful state that I have been to. It’s tourist friendly to the T, but sometimes, when you try too hard to be tourist friendly, you loose track of common sense….

São Gabriel

This is the stunningly realistic oil painting of São Gabriel; the flagship of Vasco da Gama’s armada for his first voyage to India in 1497-1499. After he invaded Kochi, the locals fought its new captors valiantly. The ship is featured in the 2011 Malayalam movie Urumi and is said to be a masterpiece. Hopefully, it will…

Going Full Throttle

Highlighting the connection between the Arabs, Indus Valley Civilization settlers and Kerala is the Maritime Museum in Kochi. The museum brings out some very interesting history of ship building in India. This is one of the speed dials on the iconic ships that the navy manned back in the days. The museum also has interesting…

The Magic Of Fragrance

Little things seem nothing, but they give peace, like those meadow flowers which individually seem odorless but all together perfume the air. ~Georges Bernanos Attars are pure fragrant oils without any spirit or alcohol. If you walk through the lanes of Bazaar Street at Fort Kochi, you will be treated to aromas of various kinds….

Sweet Nothings

This sumptuous affair I found at a very famous art gallery in Fort Kochi. Famous not just for its food, but also because it is owned by one of the most pretty looking actors from the Malayalam film industry (yes, I drool on him, not his acting chops though). The place, Kashi Art Gallery, is…

Overcome Evil With Good

    Noted as one of the oldest dance forms, Kathakali is an integral part of the Hindu culture in Kerala. Katha means story and Kali is drama in Malayalam. Based on the vedas, the performance brings the Samaveda (lyrical form of the vedas) to life. The intricate facial paint is non-toxic and made using…

A Prized Catch?

Any one who has ever visited Kochi, would identify these iconic Chinese Fishing nets. They are iconic, but not for reasons that they were first installed. When I zeroed in on Fort Kochi as my destination, I realized that they have been reduced to yet another tourist attraction. It is lowered and hoisted back with…

Older, Wiser, Stronger

The first few days of the year often take me on the road to memory lane, it is my time to look back and be grateful. I turned 33 in 2017, and it was a year of new beginnings. As I reminisce, I seem to be stuck on this one picture taken on my birthday….