Ganpati Bappa Moriya

Ganesh Chaturthi is to us in Maharashtra, like Pujo is to those in the east of India. While the traditions are mildly different to the what we do in our south Indian household, they are special in everyway. Every year, mom would keep the dough and filling ready for the sweet dumplings, or modaks to be made, and it was my duty to shape them. It was a responsibility I took very seriously because I overheard the neighbors speak that if the lord is unhappy, your modaks turn out bad. How could I let my mother down?

This was probably the third time I made them all by myself, and the first time they came out right. I went a step ahead to make the fried version, which turned out pretty well too. It certainly added to the tranquility of new beginnings. It was also the first time we have family and friends-like-family over. I cannot describe in words how fulfilling it is to feel safe and loved when the world is filled with uncertainties.

For me, Ganesha has always been a trusted confidante and a loyal friend. My vignaharta has removed obstacles that I didn’t even realize existed. He knows how much strength I need and when I need it. For that I remain forever grateful and indebted!

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