Flying High…

Times like these are rife with two things: fear and motivational quotes. It seems like everyone is holding on to say something endearing or meaningful only after tragedy strikes. The banal nature of life has only a treadmill, and empathy seems to be the new black! Every day, with the lines of motivation, empathy, and a barrage of ‘information, I notice an underhanded god complex. While it is commendable that many ‘influencers have stepped up to use their networks for a good cause, armchair activism to get accountability from those in power makes a mockery of the ‘help’ being doled out. There is a chain of authority and a mechanism (albeit weak) that empowers those living in a democracy to be heard. Social platforms are enablers, but just a starting point. One can start a revolution, but to make it truly impactful, representatives of this revolution have to get down and dirty.

What does any of this have to do with the photos I shared, you may ask. These majestic birds fly in my vicinity and are a delight for the camera. But what you don’t see in the photo is the reason they pick this location to make their haven. The area in question used to be a dumpsite, which has now been reclaimed. However, there are a few dumpsters that are parked for the night. These Black Kites are known to be scavengers, so to find them in such large numbers need a ground with a considerable amount of trash. Isn’t that very similar to the situation we are in right now?

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