Our lives are full of games. When we were young, playing pretend games were innocent and fun. As we grow up, the games get murkier.

Happy times are never ending, when we’re playing and pretending…


Manipulation, to survive, belittle or dart ahead become a way of life. To pretend that this is a norm, a way of life, and make is acceptable is the saddest part of the story. We are both the abusers and the abused, and no one is an exception here. When we are in a blinding abusing spree, or on top in a power game, we are happy playing the part. When the power center shifts, we cry foul and start feeling like hapless victims. The real game is to sift the grain from the chaff and work a way to find your bliss. You can only do this if you acknowledge your actions, and take responsibility for them. Empathy holds the key to a lot of locks!

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