Our lives are full of games. When we were young, playing pretend games were innocent and fun. As we grow up, the games get murkier. Happy times are never ending, when we’re playing and pretending… Unknown Manipulation, to survive, belittle or dart ahead become a way of life. To pretend that this is a norm,…

Play On

Imagination is our inner-child and creativity, its playground. ~ Jaeda DeWalt For a child, everywhere is a playground; for an adult, it is the same, only the plays are different! ~ Mehmet Murat ildan

Froggy Funfair!

I got this shot at a local mall, which has a mini fun-fair of sorts for kids. While the entrance is interesting, what caught my fancy is the frog painted in the background. It’s a bungee jumping thing for little ones. Very cute and nicely done.