A Still Life

Life is full of hustle and bustle, even when we feel that there is nothing meaningful happening. Life is only still in photographs, however, each photograph holds a lot of stories. I am fascinated with still life photography, and even paintings, but sadly, painting and sketching are not skills I possess. I can’t manage to draw a straight line, even with a ruler. So, I get my fix of sketching my miniature still life scenes with editing tools and free apps. How about you? What do you turn to to keep sane and occupied as the world is trying really hard to make our lives still?

“But in a still life, there is no end to our looking, which has become allied with the gaze of the painter; we look in and in, to the world of things, in their ambiance of cool or warm light, in and in, as long as we can stand to look, as long as we take pleasure in looking.”

Mark Doty

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