Built Up & Torn Down

There is something very strangely unsettling about power. Authority is merely a by-product of responsibility: If you are qualified to enough carry out a task, you are responsible for it’s outcome and need to be granted the required authorizations to carry it out efficiently. But most “powerful” people forget this teeny tiny detail.

They build you up so they can tear you down

Trust the ocean you’ll never drown

Who is next?

Who’s gonna steal your crown?

You’ll see

I have learnt my lesson well

The truth is out there, I can tell

Don’t look back, And don’t give in to their lies and goodbyes

Northern Star, Melanie C

They use their powers to shrug off responsibility, and look for a scapegoat. They bully you and terrorize you when things go wrong.

They buy your dreams

So they can sell your soul

Is it any wonder we’ve lost control?

Feelings come, feelings go

Northern Star, Melanie C

But as human beings, we are conditioned to build and rebuild what is broken within. We are told to learn, unlearn and relearn when disagreements happen. And this is what the future is made of. But at least, we get to learn a lot, right?

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