I didn’t actually know about iguanas, before I watched the episode “A Fish Called Selma” from season 19 of The Simpsons. If you haven’t seen the episode, you should, it is a fitting tribute to Phil Hartman‘s genius abilities. Jub-Jub Bouvier as he was referred to, was Gladys’ pet that ends up with Selma through Gladys’ sister and her mother Jackie, who tries to stab him with a hat pin. Jub-Jub is adopted by Selma, and eventually becomes a sibling to Ling Bouvier (that sounds so much fun, right?)

Right, now about this wonderful iguana that we spotted at the Bannerghatta National Park (OK, so it is in the zoo enclosure, and good lord it’s a poser!)

“Vendrán las iguanas vivas a morder a los hombres que no sueñan”

(Live iguanas will come to bite men who don’t dream)

Federico García Lorca

I love the colors and the body structure of the iguanas. Do I fear them? Not really, I’m more fascinated than terrified. Then why the quote? I dream quite a bit, even in broad day light, so I have nothing to fear. And if my learning from The Simpsons is anything to go by (believe me, I learnt A LOT from the series, until I watched it that is), Jub-Jub often eats dead things and once even ate Selma’s foot, because it was asleep! But otherwise, iguanas are known to be herbivores.

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