The Mountains Echoed

I am not a trekker, far from it. I am not averse to the idea of climbing mountains, but I prefer the activity when there are no seasoned trekkers in tow. You see, I suffer from intense fear of descents (not heights, but slopes and stairs), and climbers will never understand how gripping this fear can be. Since the walk down freaks me out, it takes me time to scale up as well (that and the fact the I’m not the fittest person I know). So my lovely sister-in-law and brother decided that everyone should have a slice of the snow-capped Himalayan Mountain Ranges, so they arranged for this joyride on an airplane for the entire bunch!

What you see here is the view of the Everest and a part of the Himalayan Mountain range from 21000 feet in the air. Given the distance and the proximity of the flight, the magnanimous Everest is a tad hard to distinguish which one it is. Looking at the mountains in all their glory is an amazing experience. But would I want to scale the peak or even make it to the Everest base camp? Maybe not, I’d rather settle for the local Everest Beer instead!

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