Goodbye and Goodnight, 2019

What a mixed bag of a year you’ve been, 2019! I started the year with a rather silly accident, leaving me to nurse a 4-week injury that lasted for a good 11 months! The injury wasn’t all bad though, we managed to sneak in a week-long trip to Sri Lanka. Resolution unlocked! I eased off my year in my blog space by posting once a week, but alas, whenever I tried that, my readers have suffered. I even had a target to reach 900 posts, but that didn’t work either (896 at last count, but that will change soon, promise!). But my brother did take me off to see another gorgeous country, Nepal as we bid adieu to 2019. I also managed to get better at my craft and dioramas, relying on making more and buying less. My tool handling abilities have also improved quite a bit.

On the people end of things, people changed, situations changed, and I changed too. For better or for worse, only time will change. As hard as it is to let go, it’s much worse to realize that holding on to things that shouldn’t be. But once you realize and overcome shallow defenses of your own mind, you are better equipped to handle transitions. Severing is an art and shouldn’t be rushed. Revenge may be best served cold, but not when you are eating the not-so-humble pie. So as we commence the rocking 20s, here’s to the mixed bag we stroll around with… there’s always a right time for beers, margaritas, wines, cheeses, breads and the whole shebang. The most important thing though, is to be grateful to have it handy when you crave or need it the most!