Lavender Skies

You were red, and you liked me because I was blue

But you touched me, and suddenly I was a lilac sky

Then you decided purple just wasn’t for you

~Colors, Halsey

I love purples, violets, blues and greens, just not on the walls of my house. I remember feeling this absolutely morose feeling of worthlessness in a lilac classroom, which changed when we were in a bright orange one for a few sessions.

Purple is the color of royalty, and pink the color of youth, lavender is femininity all grown up. It represents refinement, grace, and elegance.


These is something amazing about the way colors control how you feel and your complete well-being. If you’ve been a regular on the blog, or known me closely, I am deeply spiritual as a person. The seven chakras and its associated colors have a strong connection to my life and living. So this picture is perfect: I turned 35 to the mix of red and blue, body, mind and soul trying it’s best to be in rhythm and sync. Some day the journey of balance will complete. Until then, just keep on moving!

Too much of something is bad enough
But something’s coming over me to make me wonder
Too much of nothing is just as tough
I need to know the way to feel to keep me satisfied

Too Much, Spice Girls

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