Fields of Gold

This place is called KGF by locals in Bangalore, short for Kolar Gold Fields or Chota Ladakh by others. Located about 100 Kms from Bangalore, the crater which is now filled with rain water was once known for gold mining for over a century. With the dwindling level of gold production, the mine was closed in 2001. At the peak of it’s glory, it was know to be the largest gold-producing mine in Asia. After the mining activities were shutdown by the government, the lake is believed to be contaminated and hence a dip in the water can be fatal. It is also quite a deep quarry, so there is a fear of drowning. But we did spot fishes in the water, so I don’t really know if the locals are right on that account. It was quite a task to reach the place, as the marked route is closed for public. The locals are quite helpful though, so if you really want to see the place and can converse in Kannada or Tamil, you may be able to stumble upon this quaint spot!

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  1. Nomadosauras says:

    Hello Ma’am! The recent, and unfortunate at that, happenings concerning mines in India and Thailand have led me to develop a keen interest in the history of these deep quarries inside Earth. Thank you for adding another one to the list! If the route is closed for public, isn’t there any security to ensure the same?


    1. Kamakshi says:

      Unfortunately there is no security at all, so being sensible is better than being a daredevil. If you plan to visit, let me know, I’ll explain the route you need to take to reach the place

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      1. Nomadosauras says:

        Thank you! I’ll surely trouble you for more information whenever a plan materialises 🙂


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