In Peace

I have beautiful memories of my time in Sri Lanka. I fell in love with the diversity of the people and place there. It was absolutely impossible to find any signs of the two-and-a-half decade long of civil unrest. We happily strolled in and out of Buddhist Viharas and Hindu Temples, with full honor of course, absorbing a culture similar yet distinct to my own. Violence of any kind, especially unprovoked, is beyond the comprehension of small mind.

But we live in a time where sensitivities are at an all time low. We cannot fathom what can hurt someone’s sensibilities and in which way. There is no way to know who is wrong and who is right. We often have only one side of the story, and rationalizing makes one come across as either radical or insensitive. All one can do, without taking sides, is to help build a world filled with compassion and rationality. Being humane is better than being right or wrong.

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