Naga Nrithya


The story of nag nrithya is very popular in Indian scriptures. Kaliya was said to be a multi-headed poisonous snake that had made Yamuna river in Vrindavan his home. The snake had spread its venom and poisoned the river, ensuring no living creature could use the water. Garuda, the foe of all serpents was cursed out of Vrindavana and hence Kaliya made it his new home.

Once, when Krishna was playing with a ball along with his male friends and the ball inadvertently fell into the river, and Krishna jumped in to look for it. In a bid to kill the young lad, Kaliya with his hundred and ten hoods vomiting poison. The serpent dragged Krishna to the bottom of the river, wrapping himself around Krishna’s body. But Krishna grew so large, making Kaliya release him. Krishna then came back to his original form and jumped on to Kaliya’s head breaking into a danced on the snake’s heads, in a bid to kill the snake. When the snake’s wife begged for forgiveness and mercy, Kaliya surrendered and Krishna banished from Yamuna.

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