The sound of laughter is like the vaulted dome of a temple of happiness. ~Milan Kundera

One For the Road

Shegaon is a well-known pilgrimage center. Hindus consider Gajanan Maharaj a saint, with miraculous powers and the small quaint village is home to his Samadhi and temple. There are two other things that Shegaon is famous for: the Shegoan Kachori and Anand Sagar. The popular tourist attraction in Vidharba boasts of a “Light & Music”…

Tring Tring

A bell’s not a bell ’til you ring it, A song’s not a song ’til you sing it, Love in your heart wasn’t put there to stay, Love isn’t love ’til you give it away! ~Oscar Hammerstein II

Shabari Ke Ber

  Meera Bai’s love for Krishna is epic and the devotion of Shabari for Lord Rama is just as popular. Shabari was a tribal girl, looking for her spiritual calling. After days of hunting, she met Sage Matanga at the foot of the Mountain Rishyamukha and accepted him as her guru. As she grew old, the…

Naga Nrithya

  The story of nag nrithya is very popular in Indian scriptures. Kaliya was said to be a multi-headed poisonous snake that had made Yamuna river in Vrindavan his home. The snake had spread its venom and poisoned the river, ensuring no living creature could use the water. Garuda, the foe of all serpents was cursed out of Vrindavana and…