Let Us Prosper

0031As I was born and brought up in Maharashtra, the Marathi harvest festival/new year (according to the lunisolar Hindu calendar) known as Gudi Padva is a celebration I look forward to. Padva in general means festival or celebration and the Gudi is a “flag”  of the Hindu god Brahma (Bhramadhvaj), who is believed to have created time and universe. Gudi comprises a bright colorful scarf cloth tied to a bamboo stick and ornate with neem and mango leaves along with a flower garland. The stick is covered with a silver, bronze or copper kalash or pot to signifying victory. This Gudi is hoisted outside each house through a window or terrace. The Gudi is believed to ward off evil, invite prosperity and good luck into the house. Happy Gudi Padva everyone!

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