Tiny Glory

Glorious cities often seem pale in the face of its rich history. Although it is no longer a shadow of its once opulent self, most of the princely Indian cities still continue to hold charm in for those looking to dwell deeper from the surface. This lovely picture overlooks the quaint town of Hyderabad from the Golconda Fort (gol means circular or round, conda is hill). The Golconda Fort is well-know for its famous diamond mines and was home to the famous Koh-i-Noor and Hope diamonds (the one which resembles Rose’s famous Titanic diamond) were stored along with other diamonds. During the Kakatiya reign, India had the only known diamond mines in the world.

As it rushes forward to become the second silicon valley of India, it will always be special to me for some of the most interesting turns in the journey of my life.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Tour Guide

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