Everybody On-board

My brother gifted me this lovely little keepsake from one of his vacations. This is the last known manual tram in city of San Fransisco. But that is not the reason I chose to click this beauty. A few days ago, I started to read my first ever Agatha Christie book (gasp! I know!). For some reason, the authoress never appealed to me, despite being an ardent whodunit fan. Anyway, the book in question was Murder on the Orient Express, and no, I haven’t seen either of the movies, but the trailer of the new one did catch my fancy. It is visually beautiful! I also “chanced” on a Kindle sale and got a copy of the book on sale. I am still reading the book, and it is not the pacy read that scores of fans promised. I cannot finish most books in one sitting unless it’s a really light read (read romance), and I find this “finish in one setting for whodunits” advice to be untrue. I have managed to finish very few Perry Masons in one sitting and I have fairly good memory, especially in things I enjoy. With this particular one, I do not feel too invested, there are too many characters that I can’t keep track of, and hence don’t really care for. Hopefully I’ll finish it soon. Until tell, I’m not getting off the train either!

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